Toddler Constipation Remedies

For toddlers, experiencing constipation may require the parents to be fully aware. Stomachache and yelling during bowel movement may indicate the occurrence of toddler constipation.

Toddler constipation relief treatment normally lasts only 3 days if taken care properly. The problem is also a common issue in the baby’s growth. Thus, you should be worry in dealing with toddler constipation treatment. Vegetables are natural ingredients of toddler constipation home remedies. Spinach can improve bowel movement and soften the stool.

Just like adults, toddlers need to exercise at least 15 minutes daily to maintain normal bowel movement. Most of the young parents will just recognize constipation symptoms, which toddler suffers when they realize they seldom go to toilet. It is because of a fact that the stools have now become hard & when they have to go to toilet they will find having the bowel movements is painful indeed. Thus, they don’t go to toilet in order to avoid this pain till it becomes very unbearable for little one.

Let us now look at constipation home remedies for toddler. Best method is being vigilant in what toddler eats & drinks on the daily basis.

Increase toddler fiber intake. You can give your toddler whole wheat crackers, breakfast cereals and bread. You can as well start giving them plenty of fruits like plums and prunes. Vegetables are good like peas, broccoli and beans.

Increase amount of the water they drink. You can put a bit prune and apple juice that can help your toddler. Make drinking water little enjoyable by using the colored straws. Some toddler constipation remedies are fruit juices like bananas, apples or pears.

Encourage your toddler to walk & crawl daily as this will get their blood to flow across the body organs. The toddler who gets a lot can likely suffer from fewer problems with the constipation than toddlers who sits in the chair every day.

Introduce the fixed time for the potty use generally about five to ten minutes after all the meals. Ensure they are comfortable in using potty and toilet. Make this fun for them and perhaps read the book for them and make it your habit.

With time & by following above home remedies the toddler constipation must come to end. It can take patience & dedication for the parents to heal this situation.

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