How to Treat Constipation Naturally in Adults

Constipation is not that hard to diagnose. It is a common disorder in digestive term that usually caused by the lack of healthy diet. So, how to treat constipation naturally in adults?

More water, please!

Water is not only plain drink without a taste. Then, how to treat constipation with water? Well, simply drink it! Drinking at least 8 glasses a day helps stool to pass regularly, without any straining.

Fiber and fiber.

Eventually, the greatest constipation problem solver has to be fibrous food. Even when you go to see the doctors, you will learn from them, how to treat constipation fast with fiber.

Simple exercise

Is it fine to eat just the fiber rich foods?

Though fiber generally is good, and consuming huge amounts will cause gas and bloating. Minimize it by consuming the small amounts first & slowly increase till stools become much softer & movement is frequent. In case, behavior changes & fiber intake don’t help with the constipation, and then try to take some laxatives. That depends on the doctor’s recommendations, and there are different kinds of the laxatives that will help you out. You can take care not overusing the stimulant laxatives since they will cause side effects such as low potassium levels.

If you want to seek how to treat constipation naturally, you should do simple exercise. Once you exercise often, you will notice your bowel movement becomes regular and easy. Exercises help blood circulation and improve intestinal contractions.

What help with the constipation?

The treatments might include the changes in diet as well as behaviors and using laxatives & if required, enemas. Bowels are active after the meals so it is a best time for trying and moving bowels. In case, you ignore the bodily signals about passing stool, then this signal generally tends to get much weaker with time. Pay attention to the signals and make this the habit to often move bowels.

Rising fiber in the diet as well help with the constipation and twenty to thirty five grams is recommended amount of the dietary fiber intake every day. Number of the grams of fiber every serving is indicated on each product label. Prune juice, prunes, and citrus fruits will help to treat the chronic bowel movement issues. There is breakfast cereals, which are very good sources of the dietary fiber.

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